PXL-500 Upgrade Advisor
PXL-500 Upgrade Advisor

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Extending the life of an asset is as good as money in the bank, and Keri has introduced a tool to help you do precisely that. Not only is Keri’s latest Doors.Net software now backwards compatible with many existing PXL-500 access control systems, Keri’s new PXL Doors.Net Upgrade Advisor Tool takes much of the work out the upgrade process by analyzing your hardware, providing a list of supported feature components and suggesting what you may need to upgrade to Doors.Net.

To help you even more, email a copy of the report to Keri’s Tech Support department for guidance on how to proceed. Keri Systems can then assist you in the conversion by doing the database conversion and then via remote connection into your system attach the new converted data base, connect your controllers, and make sure everything is working the way it should.

Not sure why you need to upgrade? Get more information on Keri’s website.

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