Surveillance Solutions

Camera is a very convenient remote monitoring solution. You want to look after your house or your children when you are not around; you want to supervisor staffs when you are away for business trip or you want to monitor all factories operations when you are in office? Then camera system is definitely a solution for you.



Dedicated Camera solution can observe and recording live events, occurring in public places, then transmitted to the process and control center to meet the requirements of the business.



Dedicated camera solution has several practical applications:

  • Use in companies, supermarkets, bookstores, workshops ...
  • Use for remote communication between parties.
  • Distance Learning and supporting for teaching activities for the training centers.
  • Meet up with friends and families through live recording camera.
  • Transfer images directly and supervise through Internet.



Camera IP:

At the rapid development of technology, IP Camera has been the favorite solution with outstanding features.

Connected directly to the internal network systems and through internet line, images are transmitted everywhere. IP Camera allows monitoring can be done on-site or remotely, and is confirmed by aseparated IP address. Managers can easily control and record at any observation position.

IP camera is flexible to install at any position because the signal cable and the power cable are integrated into the spindle so as not necessary to relocate all signal wiring. It is also possible to use wireless solution at inconvenient locations so it much more easier for installation or relocation as compared to analog camera.

IP Camera with continuous improvement and upgrading promises to be future monitoring solutions.