Solution for telephone digital & IP

With the current digital trend, Toshiba Pabx which is integrated digital technologies and computer networks not only minimizes the risk of lightning damage, but also simplifíes the programming process through a combination of computer software and local area network (LAN), thereby increases the utility for user's maintenance. Besides, digital phones can increase the stability as well as ensure the durability.

Toshiba Strata CIX100

Designed for small and medium businesses, the Toshiba Strata CIX100 lets you work exactly as you need, and also help you to take off your business.

Maximum saving, profitable using, tightly monitoring all calls, long-term stable operation, Toshiba will assist you to win your competitors.

Using Toshiba phone, you can save the cost of installing many phones. Instead of signing up many subscribers to the postal, users can only register few subscribers to maintain continuous information within the company without affecting or clogging calls from customers.

Maximum saving

  • Pay only monthly subscription fee for one to four trunks (Depending on the demand or number of employees).
  • Tightly monitore, limite intercity, international and mobile calls in different levels, thus reducing the 40% monthly phone costs.
  • Must not pay for internal conversations.
  • Must not pay expansed subscription fees.
  • Must not pay for transferring and receiving internal faxes.

Toshiba Pabx which can connect to the Internet is very popular today for supporting international calls over the Internet using VoIP technology. Just with the internet fee which are still available and low, you can call or fax to all partners ơver the world as well as to your branches. In addition, it will help your company to encrease profits by managing and monitoring employees activity through the list of incoming calls, missed calls collected via the monitoring function of Toshiba PBX. This system can not only ecrease the effectiveness of your staff several times but also improve the quality of services as well as retain a good relationship with customers or generate more business opportunities in the future.