Lighting Control Solutions

Today's society demands is not only efficient use of energy but also enjoying comfortable living environment.

In order to save energy for lighting, it is commonly thought to reduce light intensity or simply reduce the power consumption. However, if saving power without considering the quality and quantity of light, some problems will arise such as low productivity and safety in factories, lacking of eye-catching images for stores as well as increasing of traffic accidents and crimes in the street at night.

In the past, “lighting” is planed ahead and implemented in accordance with time, place and circumstance. Therefore, it never happened that 50% of lighting been cut off across all areas or dim lights.

The main idea of "energy efficient lighting" is  energy saving while maintaining appropriate lighting conditions (quantity and quality of light).

When considering energy saving in lighting, it must obtain lighting effect  not  lighting scarification. So everyone who has been assigned with lighting tasks need to fulfill their roles at each location.

Toshiba Corporation would like to keep this role by the development of the hardware that will ensure the quality and quantity of light as well as development and sales software for reasonable use of energy.