Guard Tour Solutions

Technological innovations have left essential impact on the field of guarding and security. GUARDUS’s product allows the verification and evaluation of activities’ results in the workplace and guarding agencies practically and effectively. The device is functioning on reading set-up buttons (i-Button) as well as dedicated cards which are used for controlling patrol activities.

Connected devices in the Control Security System (Connect - i) allow the prompt execution by signaling with an alarm system to company’s security staffs.  By just install the device on any area of the Panel, the alarm system will send a signal to alert if any security staff does not fulfill his tasks or falls asleep while on duty. Therefore, they have to carry out their patrol duties as assigned responsibly.

Remote data acquisition devices allow remote control all information to the main center (your company). There are three following methods:

  • Though telephone line: consist of a Modem internally connected with Remote or a Modem externally connected with the Remote through a parallel port
  • Through information network: Network is connected with the control Remote (Remote-i), allowing direct transmission of data to the TCP/ IP port.
  • Through Internet providers: if there are several devices connected to the Remote (i), that transmit all data to the same destination or to areas distanced from the center; it is best to use the device Remote-I IPS. All the data will be transmitted through the internet, directly to centers immediately.


The biggest benefit of all devices Remote - i is convenience. Security guards simply install Remote device, the system will immediately dial, set up and confirm the signal. The transmission of the signal will be processed and inform to security guards until all operations are completed. All operations take place within a few seconds, without any the intermediate so it ensures safety and perfection.




  • PROguard software allows formatting portable patrol devices.
  • Enable collection and storage all data of  portable patrol devices and report the data in detail.
  • Read the data on the control buttons (i- Button) and other magnetic cards
  • Report the start and end of a patrol turn as well as other unique features
  • Components manufactured from stainless Dura alloy steel.
  • Use 9v battery, AA type, available at all stores
  • In addition to the available features of the device G3, generation GUARDUS G5 provide data by the medium infrared devices which fit in your hand, convenient to carry.