Access Control Solutions



Increasing in demand

More and more company requires its employees to use ID card to access main entrances as well as their offices. By using ID card, the manager can supervise access activities of all the units in the organization as well as manage the working hours of each employee more accurately. The card also prevents accessing to departments when there is no relevant responsibility or task. This device will be connected to the main computer system so when necessary, detailed report of each employee can be printed out easily for checking purposes. Lastly, the company professional image will be enhanced through wearing ID card of all employees during working time. Surely, this implementation will improve the self-discipline of the staff and result to higher efficiency of the organization.



Choosing the suitable plans

The ID card using RFID tags has become familiar with equipment and access control systems in the field of automatic identification, it is known as a wireless communication technology using low frequency (125KHz, 400Mhz, 900 MHz)

RFID tags are applied mostly for inventory management, log in/out management to employees in factories and in offices (Access control). Scalar communication technology is applied to ID – Tag, which makes it readable in any direction.

  • RFID 125kHz - 13.56 MHz: Used for login /logout system, commonly called touch technology (proximity). It is readable in a very short distance (about 10 cm). Due to this, even when several Reader devices are put together, the electromagnetic interference will not occur.
  • RFID 400 – 900 MHz : mostly used for inventory management applications. Due to the large coverage of scalar  reading device,  the electromagnetic interference will occur if several Reader devices are put together (2 Readers cannot operate at the same time if they are installed near each other). The access control system: application is suitable for low speed and short-range card reader technology. 
  • RFID 2.45 GHz: It is completely different from the low frequency RFID mentioned above with following characters: Read range up to 10 m, well defined adjustable read range, object speeds up to 120km/h (ID- Tag), variety of integrated interfaces, no electromagnetic interference occurs when several Reader devices are put together. Since it is not match with GSM wave, ID- Tags is battery saving with the using time up to 6 years. No extra service charge.
  • RFID 2.45GHz : this application is mainly used for parking car, auto barrier system. Reader devices are isotropic and can define the reading area. Since there is no electromagnetic interference occurs, it is possible to install several Reader devices next to each other.



The access control system use touch card and fingerprint used for buildings and offices, factories ....