Camera is a very convenient remote monitoring solution. You want to look after your house or your children when you are not around; you want to supervisor staffs when you are away for business trip or you want to monitor all factories operations when you are in office? Then camera system is definitely a solution for you.



Increasing in demand

More and more company requires its employees to use ID card to access main entrances as well as their offices. By using ID card, the manager can supervise access activities of all the units in the organization as well as manage the working hours of each employee more accurately. The card also prevents accessing to departments when there is no relevant responsibility or task. This device will be connected to the main computer system so when necessary, detailed report of each employee can be printed out easily for checking purposes. Lastly, the company professional image will be enhanced through wearing ID card of all employees during working time. Surely, this implementation will improve the self-discipline of the staff and result to higher efficiency of the organization.



PA system (Public Address) meets the requirements of communication among departments of the building area with following characters:

- Each location of the building is set up with a distinctive address. Therefore, within the building area, it is easy to call to and from any location (zone), which has been established before,  or announce to the whole building when necessary.

With the current digital trend, Toshiba Pabx which is integrated digital technologies and computer networks not only minimizes the risk of lightning damage, but also simplifíes the programming process through a combination of computer software and local area network (LAN), thereby increases the utility for user's maintenance. Besides, digital phones can increase the stability as well as ensure the durability.

Today, equipping fire alarm system for buildings is an essential requirement. Fire alarm system helps timely detect and prevent fire accidents which cause serious damages to people and property .

Hotel locking system

All features of the lock system operate wirelessly and independently. The smart wireless lock system which is used to perform control and access functions, accepts all popular smart cards available on the market. The lock works independently and is controlled by a build-in program. Issued cards from computer system will be used to activate the lock system. The system is easy to install and use.

Today's society demands is not only efficient use of energy but also enjoying comfortable living environment.

In order to save energy for lighting, it is commonly thought to reduce light intensity or simply reduce the power consumption. However, if saving power without considering the quality and quantity of light, some problems will arise such as low productivity and safety in factories, lacking of eye-catching images for stores as well as increasing of traffic accidents and crimes in the street at night.

When consulting a LAN network for your business, we always provide a suitable solution that is definitely fix with your need. It is designed based on the opened standard so that the maintenance and upgrade can be realized easily in the future.

Technological innovations have left essential impact on the field of guarding and security. GUARDUS’s product allows the verification and evaluation of activities’ results in the workplace and guarding agencies practically and effectively. The device is functioning on reading set-up buttons (i-Button) as well as dedicated cards which are used for controlling patrol activities.

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