Why choose us?

The NAVIT’s mission and vision is to always ensure customer’s trust in NAVIT Company by continuously researching and applying latest technology in every product. We are confident as a leader in the field of design and installation consultation as well as security system operation.

Human resource’s focus

Investing in human resource is one of the first priorities of NAVIT Company. That all company staffs are well-trained and regularly updated knowledge leads to company’s success as well as customer’s satisfaction.

Application of the most advanced technology

With NAVIT, customers are always kept up with most advanced and modern technology, which is currently widely applied in developed countries like the U.S and Europe. As the pioneer, NAVIT regularly updates information and quickly deployment in new technology and solutions toward customers.

Quality creditability

When installing security systems, our first concern is always the quality of work. We always try to maintain good reputations of quality and ensure clients’ absolute satisfaction while using systems consulted and installed by NAVIT.

Strong experience

With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, NAVIT has implemented several large and small projects inside and outside the country and our quality has been evaluated and recognized by many international organizations.

Based on customer’s need and wants, we always recommend them the most suitable solutions and plans. With NAVIT’s services, customers will always be satisfied and guaranteed with excellent quality.

After-sale services

NAVIT provides the best after – sale services to our customer. We always closely monitor to maintain the absolute safety of the system that will ensure all clients’ activities smoothly run.

Nam Viet, the professional security solutions are your choises.